How to Create Your Own Tattoo

Once you decided to get a tattoo on your body, the next most important thing is to decide which design you want to have. Some people randomly choose designs from any tattoo art gallery or the one suggested by the tattoo artist. Some people may be satisfied with the readily available design but often it may not reflect your true personality. A tattoo tells a story and it should be unique which identifies you as a unique person. And if you want to have such a unique tattoo, it is better to design the tattoo for yourself.

Start Designing Your Own Tattoo

One need not be an artist to design a tattoo. All it takes is your willingness to work out on an idea and create an tattoo design. The first thing in designing a tattoo is to ask yourself what you want to have it as a tattoo. You may have a tattoo that commemorates some occasion like the birth of your child, your wedding day or the name of someone close to you. Or you may have a design which you want to relate to your goals and ambitions or the one which reflects your personality. You have to design a design a tattoo with which you could connect with.

How to Find A Tattoo Design

Every artist needs some inspiration to create a good art piece. For those, who are novice, designing something, one has to do some research. One may look at other tattoo designs, which will give some rough idea and it will help you in creating your design. There are many free tattoo designs available online, from which you can choose a few and start reworking on them. But freely available designs are outdated and it is better to browse through unique designs which are available at some membership cost.

How to Find an Artist

Once your own unique tattoo design is ready, the next thing is to find an tattoo artist. Many tattoo parlors would be willing to tattoo your own artwork. In order to get the design perfectly, the tattoo artist must be extremely talented, so that he can freehand your unique tattoo. Finding an expert artist might be tough, but many tattoo galleries also offer a holistic service of providing directory of nearest tattoo parlors.

How to Test Your Tattoos

Before actually putting the tattoo design on your body, you may wish to try it out on your body by a temporary tattoo. There are few online website which allow you upload your own tattoo design. A temporary tattoo is created out of it and it will be send to you so that you can practise placing the tattoo on your body.

Getting the Tattoo on Your Body

Now that you have spent most of the time and designed your own unique tattoo, now it is the time to get the tattoo on your body at your desired location. You need to find a tattoo parlour near to your place and get inked! Sometimes it may appear that, designing a tattoo is very tedious process, but given that it will there forever on your body, it is worth the effort, unless you want to remove it by some tattoo removal process. Time spend on designing will make your tattoo more meaningful.