Design Your Tattoo - 6 Tips For You Before Getting a Tattoo

                    Want to find a tattoo design? When you have started the search, you may now feel a bit worried. The reason is obvious. The tattoo you choose will be staying with you forever. If you finally dislike the tattoo, you will regret definitely. So, here are 8 top tips for your entire "tattoo journey", from the selection of the tattoo design to the after-care procedures. Tip 1: Be Aware of the Tattoo Trends People get inked for different purposes. Some may want to express a certain meaning while others want to follow trends. If you are in the latter group, you may want to pay attention to your choice carefully, especially the tattoo designs and tattoo placement. In the tattoo industry, there are lots of trends arising. For example, the chain link design was popular in the past. People liked to ink this design around the ankle, bicep or wrist. However, most people regard this tattoo outdated now. You will never want to have an outdated tattoo on your skin. For the placement, people especially women like to have the tattoo on the lower back. This is very popular until now. As there are more and more people choosing to get a lower back tattoo, a term "tramp stamps" has emerged. Some people think it is just for categorization. However some may consider the term offensive because it is sometimes used to mean a woman just follows the trend without thinking. Of course it is completely alright to have whatever tattoo on wherever you like. As long as it meets your personality, no one can criticize it. Remember, do not make yourself regret after being inked. Tip 2: Spend Time Finding the Best Tattoo Finding a favorite tattoo design takes time but it totally worth it. There are ways for you to choose the tattoo. The most convenient way is to choose from an online tattoo design gallery. You can search a number of this kind of websites over the Internet. Some of them are free while some require you to pay a small amount of one-time membership fee. Considering the importance of getting a tattoo that you will never regret, it is acceptable to join the membership programs because their tattoo designs are normally more creative and unique. If you are tired of browsing the Internet, you could enter a local tattoo parlor and you will be given some books on tattoo designs. You may feel embarrassed that you have read their books but you finally do not ask the tattoo artist to do the job. However, do not think in this way. Go to more tattoo parlors and read more tattoo designs. The one who will wear the tattoo is you. The third way to get a tattoo design is to DIY. You can draw one with your imagination. Just draw what you want to represent and then take it to the tattoo artist. You will then have a very unique tattoo. Tip 3: Choose the Appropriate Part to Get Inked Consider how painful you can tolerate during the tattoo procedure. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, you may want to choose a part that you are comfortable with. It will be more painful if you choose to have the tattoo on bony areas like neck, ankle, spine, shoulders and hands. You will feel more comfortable if your tattoo is inked on thighs, buttocks, stomach or upper arm. Tip 4: Test the Tattoo Design First It is strongly advised that you get a henna design of the tattoo you choose on the part you want before getting the permanent one. This will allow you to wear the tattoo design for 1 to 2 weeks. You can feel if you really like the tattoo or not so that you will not regret in future. Tip 5: Ask Others for Opinions It is a good idea to ask your friends your family members how they feel about your tattoo design. But you also need to bear in mind that you are the one wearing the tattoo. Their thoughts should not play the most important role. Tip 6: Be Careful of What to Take Before Getting the Tattoo Some people say that drinking alcohol is helpful to reduce pain. I am not going to say it is wrong but it would be risky for you. Since alcohol can thin your blood, it will make you bleed more during the tattoo process. Also, some tattoo artist will refuse the tattooing once you have taken alcohol because it makes their job more difficult and risky. If you really need something to reduce pain, you may ask the tattoo artist for advice. Normally, pain relievers like Motrin are allowed. But the best option is to ask the professionals, your tattoo artist. Tip 7: Learn Tattoo Etiquette Yes, you may not have heard this kind of thing but it is a good idea to keep yourself up-to-date with the tattoo etiquette. For example, your tattoo artist may ask if you are a tenderfoot. If you do not know the meaning, you may feel confused and your tattoo experience may be not the happiest one. Tip 8: Pay Attention to After-care Procedures Once you have the tattoo job done, listen carefully to the tattoo artist how you should take care of the tattoo. Ask them any question if you are not sure. It is important for you to keep the tattoo nicely.