Removal of Tattoo - A Growing Industry

                      The removal of tattoo has turned into a growing industry these days. Many people get tattoos every day. Some get it when they are very young and wild and it just seems like the thing to do. Some go out drinking one night, and end up with a tattoo. Some people just make the decision and believe they will want it for good, but then end up regretting it. If you want to remove a tattoo, you are not alone. There are thousands of people with questions regarding tattoo removal out there. In fact, the tattoo removal industry is an industry of itself. It is estimated that 50 percent of the people that get tattoos end up wanting to remove them. Removal of tattoo is not fun. It is also sometimes not very effective. Removing your tattoo is many times a lot more painful that getting it was, and costs a lot more as well. Here are some facts about tattoo removal: Removal of Tattoo by Laser The most common method used for tattoo removal is tattoo removal by laser. Nowadays there are many different options for tattoo removal, which are less costly than laser, but laser is still the most used practice for removing a tattoo. Removing tattoos by laser is done by sending concentrated pulses of light through a laser to break up particles of ink on your top skin layer. Different wavelengths of light are used to treat the different colors of ink. A patient usually undergoes several treatments, depending on each specific tattoo. However, there is never a guarantee of complete success. Removal of tattoo by laser does cause a lot of pain on the patient. It is a much more painful process than getting the actual tattoo itself, and usually some sort of anesthetic is administered to remove the tattoo by laser. There is usually blistering and scabbing after the sessions, which are scheduled anywhere from three weeks to three months apart. There is also a possibility of scarring. Tattoo removal by laser takes anywhere from one to ten sessions, depending if it is a home made tattoo (which usually takes from 1 - 4 weeks) or a professional tattoo (which usually takes from 5 to 10 weeks). These sessions are expensive, ranging anywhere from $200 to $800. A large tattoo can cost thousands of dollars to remove. Other Removal of Tattoo Techniques There are a few different techniques that are possible to use to remove your own tattoo. You don't have to undergo surgery or laser. There are several do it yourself and home tattoo removal procedures that are being used somewhat successfully every day. TCA seems to be one of the most highly and safely recommended methods. This was the method that was mostly used before laser, which is a lot more costly. There are also tattoo removal and tattoo fading creams. Of course, they are not all the same. Some work better than others. There are about six different at home methods that are recommended. Then again, not all methods are suited for all individuals. Removal of Tattoo Techniques Don't Work That Well Depending on the colors of the inks used, some colors will never come off, and the result will be a lighter tattoo, even after using removal techniques. Sometimes you may have to have your skin surgically removed and stretched to get rid of a tattoo entirely. Some people cover up their tattoos instead of trying to remove them. They could leave an ugly scar in the shape of the tattoo, even with expensive removal techniques. Rethink Getting a Tattoo Before you get a tattoo, think it through. I know it seems like a good idea, but just think how many people regret it. They go through horrible ordeals to have them removed. Of course, the bigger the tattoo, the worse results you will probably have and the more pain and expenses you will have to endure. For many people, getting a tattoo turns out to be the biggest regret of their lives. They are sometimes presented with having to go through as many as 20 sessions and paying hundreds of dollars a session to have them removed. If you are not wealthy, this is a big expense for many people. And even after so many treatments, there are no real guarantees of a perfect removal, no matter what method you use. Think of the opportunities that may also be taken from you because of the tattoos. Models have a hard time and many times lose jobs because of tattoos; some people always have to cover up their tattoos at work; think of getting older, when tattoos don't look so cool; and think of the hindrance it might cause in a relationship where the other party does not really think it's a "nice" thing to have.